Do you have well water or city water? If you don’t know the answer to this question, it’s time to find out. This is important for many reasons, including the fact that the type of water dictates how you treat it.

Common Issues with Well Water

Unlike city treated water, well water comes with its own share of challenges. Depending on the water source your well is tapping into, the water coming through your tap may have a variety of different contaminants—some of which you may not be able to see or taste.

So how can you be certain the water you’re drinking at home is safe? You can test your well water, but it still has to pass through your plumbing as it reaches your home. In order to be certain, it’s important to test the water from your spicket, too.

Well Water Solutions

Kinetico provides answers through custom water solutions.

Kinetico offers two different types of well water solutions to provide our customers with clean, crisp water:

Water softeners treat hard water, which is a term used to define water that is very mineral heavy. The issue with mineral heavy water is that it can be harsh on your plumbing, laundry, hair, and skin. It also leaves behind a filmy residue and makes it difficult for soap to dissolve.

Common Issues with City Water

Municipal water treatment facilities are dedicated to providing you with safe water, but government standards for what is pure and our own aren’t always the same. The water from our city faucets still contain contaminants that are legally considered safe to drink, but the thought of consuming them make us uneasy.

Pharmaceuticals and other chemicals that find their way into our water supplies have led more and more consumers to seek out a safeguard for their drinking water. Something that eliminates the impurities while making their H20 smell and taste clean and satisfying.

The process cities use to disinfect the water is by chlorinating it. The chlorine must stay in the water while it is being distributed, thus it is still present once it reaches your home. In addition to the unpleasant taste, smell, and potential side effects of chlorinated water, it is also known to dry out skin, hair, and rubber seals found in water-using appliances.

There’s also the issue of hard water. Contrary to what many believe, city water supplies are frequently hard and contain high amounts of calcium and magnesium. If the water supply is softened before it gets to your home, it usually is not “zero soft.”

City Water Solutions

Pair a Kinetico Combination system, which removes the hardness and chlorine from city water, and reverse osmosis system to get the best out of your city water. Forget showers & cleaning with hard water that makes your soap less efficient.

With a Kinetico system you save on soaps, detergents, cleaners, while protecting your plumbing and appliances with clean, soft water. With a Kinetico reverse osmosis system, you can go green, do away with bottled water forever, and have a virtually unlimited supply of clean, pure, and great tasting water in your home!

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you have well water or city water, consider the systems you can use to improve water quality. With the right setup in place, you’ll look back and wonder why you waited so long to call Kinetico SWFL.