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Does Kinetico offer City and Well Water solutions?2018-11-20T13:15:50-05:00

Yes we do! We have equipment available for a variety of water types and conditions. Click on the links to check out our City Water Systems and Well Water Systems!

Not sure what your water suffers with? Call us today for a Free Water Analysis and Quick Quote (800) 795-8897.

Doesn’t the city test the water?2023-02-21T06:15:44-05:00

Municipal water treatment facilities provide safe water, but government standards for what is pure and our own aren’t always the same.

The water from city faucets still contains contaminants that are legally considered safe to drink, but the thought of consuming them make us uneasy.

Pharmaceuticals and other chemicals that find their way into our water supplies have led more and more consumers to seek out Kinetico Water Systems.

How can I find out if I have hard water?2018-11-20T13:15:00-05:00

Kinetico offers Free Water Analysis from our experienced Service Technicians. Make an appointment today and our technicians will identify issues in your water supply.

Do you service other brands of water filtration equipment?2018-11-20T13:13:32-05:00

We sure do! We service all makes and models. Call our Service Department at (800) 795-8897 to schedule an appointment today.

Do you offer a Delivery Service for salt and other products?2018-11-20T13:11:47-05:00

Yes we do! We offer delivery for all common water filtration supplies, such as salt, citric acid, 7% hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, chlorine, etc.

Will a Kinetico Non-Electric System work during a power outage?2018-11-20T13:10:10-05:00

It sure will! Kinetico’s Non-Electric Water Systems gather their power through moving water, eliminating the need for electricity. However, if you receive your water from a well, your well pump and pressure tank will still need electricity to supply water.

How does a Kinetico system know when to regenerate if there is no timer?2018-11-20T13:09:04-05:00

Kinetico softeners are based on demand. They measure the amount of water you use, not the time that elapses between regeneration cycles. This allows Kinetico equipment to be far more efficient than the competition. If you are out of town or not using water, it will lay dormant; if you have company and are using extra water, the system will recognize the demand and react accordingly.

Pretty cool, right?!

Do you offer Whole House Reverse Osmosis?2018-11-20T13:07:43-05:00

Whole House Reverse Osmosis is our specialty! We have provided hundreds of customers with this type of technology since 1995.

Contact us for your Free Water Analysis to determine if Whole House Reverse Osmosis is right for you and your home!

How long has Kinetico of Southwest Florida been in business?2018-11-20T13:06:45-05:00

The owners of our dealership have over 50 years combined service in the water filtration industry! We have been a Kinetico dealer since 1975 in Ohio before moving to Florida in 1995.

In fact, our service manager, Gary Spiert, is certified at the highest level by the Florida National Water Quality Association!

What organizations are you a member of?2023-02-21T06:18:08-05:00

We believe in being part of the community! We belong to the:

  • Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce
  • Collier Building Industry Association
  • Lee Building Industry Association
  • Venice Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Charlotte City Building Association
  • Desoto City Building Association
  • Cape Coral Construction Industry Association
  • BMI
  • Community Owners Managers & Associates Networking Club, Inc.
  • National Water Quality Association
  • Florida Water Quality Association
In what publications can I find Kinetico products featured?2018-11-20T13:04:49-05:00

We are proud to say that the Mach 2030s, 2060s, and 2100s Kinetico softeners have been chosen as a Consumer’s Digest Best Buy!

You may have also seen our products featured in the Wall Street Journal, Women’s Day – Remodeling & Makeovers, Better Homes & Gardens – Kitchen Makeovers, Life: Beautiful, and many more!

Come see our products at our Bonita Springs, Florida office, located on Bonita Beach Road.

Where can I get the most accurate quote for equipment?2018-11-20T13:03:09-05:00

Call (800) 795-8897 for a quick quote, good for up to 6 months.

What kind of warranty does Kinetico offer on their equipment?2018-11-20T13:01:46-05:00

Kinetico stands behind their equipment with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

Do you have financing available?2023-02-21T06:18:07-05:00

We sure do! We offer many financing options, including our most popular: 12 months, same as cash!

Do you rent Water Filtration Equipment with the option to buy?2018-11-20T13:00:31-05:00

Yes, we are happy to discuss this option with you during your Free Water Analysis!

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