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Kinetico Quality Water Systems of SWFL – COVID-19 Update


Kinetico SWFL

City Water

Municipal water treatment facilities are dedicated to providing you with safe water, but government standards for what is pure and our own aren’t always the same.


Well Water

Depending on the water source your well is tapping into, the water coming through your tap may have a variety of different contaminants—some of which you may not be able to see or taste.


Common Water

Have you been noticing something funky about your water? Maybe it’s affecting the quality of your laundry, stealing the vibrance from your hair, or leaving a residue behind in your shower.


Commercial Water

Water challenges at home are frustrating enough, but when it starts to impact the quality of your business you can’t afford to ignore it.


Why Kinetico Water Systems of SWFL?

At Kinetico Water Systems of SWFL, we specialize in delivering remarkably simple water treatment solutions tailored specifically to your home. As authorized Kinetico dealers, we are committed to providing reliable and professional service that aligns seamlessly with the exceptional standards upheld by our products. As your trusted local provider of home and commercial water treatment systems, we take pride in offering the most advanced, environmentally friendly, and efficient water systems available today.

Kinetico Water Systems of SWFL brings the best in water treatment innovation to your home. You can depend on our friendly water specialists to take care of your family and your water right.

Service Area

Kinetico Water Systems of SWFL is proud to be your local Authorized Independent Kinetico Dealer. We specialize in water filtration, water softening, reverse osmosis, and drinking water systems for home and commercial use. We service all makes and models and cover all areas throughout Southwest Florida in the following cities:

What Makes Kinetico Systems Different Than Competitors?

  • Non-Electric
  • Metered, Demand Service
  • High Flow Rate
  • Save up to 70% on Regenerant
  • Corrosion-Resistant Valves and Tanks
  • Soft Water, Counter-Current Regeneration
  • Automatic Operation
  • Outstanding Warranty
  • Third Party Certification
  • Efficient Hardness Removal
  • Effective Iron Removal
  • High Quality Resin

The Kinetico difference flows from superior design and performance.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Thank you, Kinetico and everyone involved in getting our water system installed… Goodbye to smelly water and corrosion on faucets and appliances.

Vincent Barbera

He was so helpful and went over our system and made sure all our questions were answered at the end of the installation. We highly recommend this company.

James M

I have had a Kinetico water softener for the last 36 years. In those years, I have saved a lot of money on my electric bills due to Kinetico’s non-electric unit.

Ronald L

  • HomeAdvisor Tenured Pro - Kinetico Water Systems of SWFL
  • Home Advisor
  • Consumer Affairs Accredited
  • World's Most Efficient Water Softener
  • Water Quality Association

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