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Sulfur is a well-known issue for homeowners who have well water. That “rotten egg” odor is something that you never get used to. Sulfur is the result of decayed organic matter and leaves a stain on plumbing fixtures, sinks, toilets, and even clothing.

Sulfur is so strong that experts maintain that water containing as little as one part per million of hydrogen sulfide can corrode silver and copper. That’s bad news for your fixtures, inside and out. Sulfur and the gas it can produce may even be clogging your pipes.

Don’t make your system overwork itself. Make the Kinetico switch and experience clean, odorless water.

The Power of Kinetico

Sulfur is a common issue in southwest Florida and an unpleasant one at best. Take control of your home’s water and take back the comfort of your home with a sulfur solution from Kinetico.

Sulfur solutions, such as Sulfur Guard filters, provide a turnkey remedy for handling foul-smelling “rotten egg” water. Unlike other systems that use multiple treatment stages and are expensive, cumbersome and complex to maintain, there’s not much to do with a Kinetico Sulfur Guard™ filter but enjoy your water.

Sulfur solutions include a Dual Tank System to accommodate higher flow rates for large families or homes. Dual tank action also eliminates a disrupt in service, as one tank will always be running, providing continuous water flow.

These systems also use the power of moving water to power itself. Using kinetic energy, these sulfur solution systems remove electricity, creating a simple, reliable operation around the clock!

Interested? Call us for a quick quote! We guarantee them for a good six months, and our Water Specialists are excellent at helping you pair the right system to solve your sulfur problems.

TX 1440 Whole House RO System

Kinetico Water Systems

The TX 1440 Whole House RO System is the most advanced salt-free water system available. The TX 1440 Whole House RO System can take on iron and odor-causing impurities. The semipermeable membrane filter traps these contaminants so only water can pass through. The TX also features a disinfection generator, a large capacity tank and finishing-stage carbon filters for premium taste appeal.

Sulfur Guard™

Kinetico Water Systems

Sulfur odor or taste?

The Kinetico Sulfur Guard System takes care of hydrogen sulfide problems in a single, easily maintained unit. Unlike typical systems that require multiple stages of expensive, cumbersome, high-maintenance equipment, the Sulfur Guard rids your water of bad odor and taste simply and efficiently.


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Kinetico Water Systems of SW FL
Kinetico Water Systems of SW FL
Kinetico Water Systems of SW FL