What is a saltless water system?

If you live in a hard water area like Southwest Florida, you understand how frustrating it is. Hard water leaves mineral deposits on everything it touches, including skin, dishes, and clothing. It contains high levels of calcium and magnesium ions that don’t threaten health alone but can be detrimental to your home’s plumbing system and appliances.

A saltless water system is a water conditioner that descales hard water by altering its chemical structure. It reduces soap buildup without using salt, chemicals, or electricity. Without wasting water, it turns hard water into soft water, giving you softer hair, skin, and brighter clothes.

By descaling hard water into soft water, a saltless water system offers drinking water filled with soft minerals like sodium and potassium. Whether on well water or city water, several homes face the struggle that comes with hard water. They all seek a solution to the scaling and clogging plumbing lines.

Advantages of a saltless water system

Saltless water systems have a variety of advantages, including

  • Reduce the buildup of limescale and other chemicals
  • Help save water
  • They require less maintenance and are cheaper compared to conventional water softeners.
  • Long-lasting and effective service
  • Maintain essential minerals found in water
  • The greener option compared to traditional salt systems.

KINETICO: Your Southwest Florida Solution to Hard Water

Before buying a saltless water system, you must consider several factors, including type, size, water usage, flow rate, and installation. A standard, functioning saltless water system conditions hard water without salt or electricity through an ionic exchange.

A water analysis can help determine your home’s water quality before deciding the type of saltless water system you should buy. Kinetico Saltless Water Systems deal with not only water hardness but also odor, viruses, and bacteria. If you’re curious to learn more, below are some of our best picks.


A practical design and basic installation process make the Whole House Reverse Osmosis ( WHRO) System one of our most-advanced salt-free water systems available. The featured semipermeable membrane filter removes several more impurities, including iron and odor-causing bacteria, to provide softer and healthier water. The WHRO also features a large capacity tank, carbon filters, and a disinfection generator.

Whole House RO System

Kinetico Water Systems

The best of salt-free water systems, our Whole House RO System stands as the epitome of innovation. Designed to combat iron and odor-causing impurities, it employs a cutting-edge semipermeable membrane filter to ensnare unwanted contaminants, allowing only pure water to flow through. With added features like a disinfection generator, a capacious tank, and finishing-stage carbon filters, it ensures water of unparalleled quality and premium taste.


By eliminating the hassle of buying replacement filters regularly, the SRS earns the title of the lowest-maintenance saltless water system on the market.

The non-electric SRS water conditioning system prevents buildup without requiring salt, electricity, or chemicals. It installs effortlessly on the main plumbing supply and descaler hard water through a series of filters.

Kinetico Water Systems of SWFL can change the media used in its traditional softeners/filtration systems using spectrosoft.

Scale Reduction System (SRS)

Kinetico Water Systems

The Kinetico SRS, Scale Reducing System, helps to prevent scale buildup. The non-electric SRS water conditioning system reduces buildup without the need for salt or chemicals.

Saltless Systems in Southwest Florida

Kinetico has been treating water in Southwest Florida for many years now. We are the premier water treatment company for many reasons. If you are in need of a saltless system, then you have come to the right place. We sell our saltless systems to cities like: Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Venice, & Sarasota, FL. If you live in any of those cities and need a saltless system, contact us today!

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