Water challenges at home are frustrating enough, but when it starts to impact the quality of your business you can’t afford to ignore it. Thankfully, Kinetico of Southwest Florida has a menu of solutions designed to address specific water issues.

Struggling with hard water? Maybe you need to get rid of that foul taste, smell, or contaminants lingering in your H20? No problem. Every Kinetico solution starts with a cost-free, no-obligation water analysis to help you identify what’s affecting the quality of your water.

Afterward, we help you understand our findings and offer you a list of solutions available to remedy it. With so many systems built around efficiency and long-lasting results, we guarantee we can solve your water problems without creating new ones. Why? Because we treat your water’s specific problems, and nothing more.

Of our commercial solutions for water quality, we have three categories our systems fall under: water softeners, water filtration, drinking water systems, and reverse osmosis.

Commercial Water Softeners

Experience industrial-strength, non-electric commercial water softeners by Kinetico! These unique water softener systems operate only when you need them to, saving you time, water, salt, and money.

Hard water is simply mineral heavy water. It isn’t a health hazard, but it does clog pipes, damage machinery connected to plumbing, and makes it harder for soap to dissolve. This can severely impact your business and lead to costly repairs, as well as frustrations with cleaning and drinking water quality. Water softeners remove the water hardening ions, such as magnesium and calcium.

Here are a few of Kinetico’s hard water solutions for commercial businesses:

Kinetico Water Systems

Kinetico’s CP Series water softeners are made to handle commercial applications. Used to provide soft water to a boiler, water heater, car wash, or reverse osmosis system, CP Series softeners perform reliably and efficiently, with no downtime for regeneration.

Kinetico Water Systems

The HYDRUS® Series Commercial Water Softener is a powerful softener that comes with incredible control. Enjoy this high-powered, versatile softener that can be combined to meet your home or businesses demand and water needs. Hydrus can also be controlled through one Hydrus Smart controller so you can manage your system easily and efficiently.

Commercial Water Filtration

When it comes to the restaurant business, the quality of your ingredients is directly affected by the water used to cook them. Whether you’re serving up a cold glass of water or using it for cooking an order, you’ll want to protect your reputation by using clean, crisp, filtered water. The same goes for hospitality and many other commercial businesses. That’s why we offer commercial water filtration systems designed to suit your unique needs.

Kinetico’s water filters help all types of businesses provide clean water to operate their business and serve their customers. Below you’ll discover our selection of systems designed to provide tasteful filtered water efficiently:


Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Sometimes filtration simply isn’t enough. If you’re seeking water in its purest form, consider Kinetico’s Commercial Reverse Osmosis systems, also known as RO systems. From creating tasteful drinking water to providing a flawless water source for medical use, we help you achieve it.

Our RO systems are compact enough to fit beneath tables and counters for space saving installation. They work perfectly with dishwashers, ice machines, car washes, boiler treatment, humidifiers, laboratories, and much more.

See what we have available below:

TS Series Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

Kinetico Water Systems

The TS Series Reverse Osmosis system provide purifies water for commercial spaces. An advanced filtration system delivers high quality, purified water by removing total dissolved solids. No matter how high your demand is, the TS Series can handle it by producing up to 8,000 gallons of water a day!

TQ Series Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

Kinetico Water Systems

Enjoy purified water for small commercial spaces with Kinetico’s TQ Series. Built with several features including a compact, expandable system. Designed to maximize water concentration, the TQ Series is a responsible, water purifier for small businesses.

Improve Your Water, Improve Your Business

Ready to improve the water in your commercial business? Call Kinetico of Southwest Florida today at 888-660-6659 to setup a FREE, no-obligation water analysis test. Our Water Specialists will help you identify the cause of your H20 troubles and match you with the best solutions available.

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