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Kinetico Water Systems Review Highlights

Kinetico Water Systems is recognized as one of the most trusted water systems company in South West Florida, as a result, the abundance of reviews for our company’s work highlights our products, our service, and our excellent customer service. Here are some Kinetico Water systems review highlights, as well as some statistics to support your decision for choosing Kinetico for all your home water system needs.

97% of Kinetico Customers are happy with their Kinetico System

“After five years of smelly water and corrosion on faucets and appliances, I finally called Kinetico Water Systems. Rick Kelley came out to my house and took several water samples and explained what was in the water. He then explained how the Kinetico Water System would get rid of these problems and give us 97% clean water throughout our house. We found Rick Kelley very knowledgeable and patient as he answered our many questions that day. Laura in the office was most helpful as well as the other office help getting us setup with an install date the installation crew was polite and knowledgeable as well, they completed the work in a timely manner (excellent job guys). Rick Kelley then returned to our home and gave us a complete lesson on operating and maintaining our new water system. Thank You, Kinetico and everyone involved in getting our water system installed… Goodbye to smelly water and corrosion on faucets and appliances…and the best part is we can now drink the water…YEA”

Vincent Barbera

96% of Kinetico Customers would recommend Kinetico to a friend or neighbor

“We looked at 4 companies and decided to go with Kinetico Water Systems of SWFL. Roger the territory manager was very knowledgeable and explained exactly what our package included and what it would do for our water. The system has really made a difference. The office staff was very helpful and friendly. The installer was great. He showed up on time and did a great job and cleaned up after the install. He was so helpful and went over our system and made sure all our questions were answered at the end of the installation. We highly recommend this company. ”

James M

96% of Kinetico Customers would purchase a Kinetico Water System again

“My name is Ronald Lainko. I have had a Kinetico water softener for the last 36 years. In those years, I have saved a lot of money on my electric bills due to the Kinetico’s non-electric unit. I have had very minimal service calls for minor causes in all those years. The water is outstanding. I would classify the Kinetico softeners as the best units in the Industry today as they were 36 years ago. After 36 years, I just had to replace my unit. I did not even consider calling another company other than Kinetico to install a new unit, cost did not matter to me, integrity, the workmanship of their products, and knowing this company backs their product up sold me. Also, after I purchased my unit several years later my daughter purchased the same unit I have and several years after her my other daughter purchased one for her home and still running strong. Thank you, Ronald, Lainko Sr.”

Ronald L

94% of Kinetico Customers think their Kinetico System is working as promised

“After years of dealing with dry tangled hair, stains on our sink and showers, film on our shower doors and foul smelling water that we wouldn’t even give to our pets we finally starting researching water softener companies. Hands down Kinetico had the best reviews. We decided to give them a call and I was immediately impressed with Roger Himalstein, the territory manager. He was very honest and took his time explaining how their system worked. He did not pressure me to make a decision and presented me with quotes that were good for 6 months. We are so pleased with our new whole house system and our k5 reverse osmosis for under the sink. We are seeing immediate results in the quality and taste of our water and my skin and hair are much softer.”

Heather C

94% think their Kinetico System is solving their water problems

“After researching the many water systems available, we decided upon the Kinetico Water System. We definitely made the perfect decision and love the professionalism of your company. From the sales presentation to the installation, everything was the best transaction that we have been involved with!!”

Tonia Herndon

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

“When we built our house a year ago, a friend of ours told us about Kinetico. We said we didn’t want to spend that kind of money. We were so mistaken! After only 6 months of the traditional well system softener and purifier of another company, we knew we had to switch. Greg West, the representative was very knowledgeable and so helpful in helping us make our decision. When the installers showed up a week later, they were courteous and showed us everything we needed to know to have a great water system. My wife and I are both loving the taste and feel of the water that comes through our house now. Being able to drink water from any faucet of the house is an absolute pleasure now. We showed Greg how we were already getting orange spots in the shower grout. Not only did it quit turning more orange, the new water helped with the cleaning and it is pure white again! No more bags of salt, no more reverse osmosis system under the sink, and no more filters for the refrigerator. This system will pay for itself in just a few months. Our dog’s water bowls are nearly empty every morning now so that even shows how much they like it too! If you are ever in doubt about this system, take it from me, “Mr. Skeptical”, this will be the best investment in your home by far. The staff at the office are very friendly also. I talked with Katie, who handled my phone calls.”

Robert M

“We looked at 4 companies and decided to go with Kinetico Water Systems of SWFL. Roger the territory manager was very knowledgeable and explained exactly what our package included and what it would do for our water. The system has really made a difference. The office staff was very helpful and friendly. The installer was great. He showed up on time and did a great job and cleaned up after the install. He was so helpful and went over our system and made sure all our questions were answered at the end of the installation. We highly recommend this company.”

James M

“The entire staff from the Office, Service Technicians and Sales Representatives are excellent to outstanding. I have purchased two High Flow Ultra Efficient Non-Electric Twin Tank Combination Carbon Filter and Water Softeners and am completely satisfied with the performance. I also purchased a Maintenance Program that I pay on an annual basis. An initial Rebed of the carbon along with replacing various parts was performed on 8/2/2016. This was done in a very professional manner. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Kinetico Water Systems of SW Florida without reservation to any person that I am affiliated with. They are top notch in my book.”

Tony D

Facebook Reviews

“I just moved to Florida and found Kinetico to install a complete home water filtration system. I could not be happier. The staff is so nice! I had so many questions and they were courteous and knowledgeable all along the way. I am very glad to have them so close by to periodically check my system at a very reasonable price. I never have to worry about a thing!”

Karan G

“Our previous Kinetico system was getting old. We were tired of replacing our fixtures due to the high content of salt in our water so we called Kinetico and they sent Rick Kelley out to discuss our options. Rick was very easy to talk to. We felt he was very knowledgeable and he only recommended what he really thought we needed. He did not try to upsell us at all. We now have a whole house reverses osmosis system and we love it! It’s not just my hair as the commercial says….it’s the great tasting, no smell water, the great water pressure and the great customer service and friendly employees that will keep us Kinetico customers for life.”

Julie J

“Love my new water system. The difference in the water is phenomenal.
And the customer service is awesome as well.
I would recommend them to anyone.”

Ashley Q

“We’ve had this system for 12 years, then we sold our house. It was conditional that the new owners wanted the system, so we gave in. Then, we installed it in our new home. Immediately we saw, felt, and tasted the difference in our water quality. The system is so easy to use and the quality of the system is far above it’s competition. We would recommend this to anyone looking at a upper-quality water conditioning system. You will have no regrets!”

Cynthia D

“Our sales Rep was Roger Himalstein he was very professional, easy to talk to and very courteous. The installers we’re Will and DJ they we’re on time, cleaned up after the installation and we’re very pleasant and professional. I cannot stress how happy my father is with this company their product and their employees and that is hard to find today. If anyone is looking for a water softener this would be the company to call first for a free analysis and quote.”

Jane S

“We have had this system in our last home and loved the system so much we added it to our Florida home. The system has made a big different in our water throughout the house. I would recommend this to all my friends and family.”

Cindi K

“We were in the market to replace a failing older water treatment system for our well water. I had always heard great reviews about Kinetico so I decided to contact the team at Kinetico Water Systems of SWFL. The girls at the office were very friendly and connected me with our local sales rep Chuck Ripple. I was surprised how quickly he was able to come out and test the quality of our current water and provide immediate Kinetico equipment recommendations. I was yet undecided about which system/company – Chuck was great about timely communication via text messaging. Although there was a slight misunderstanding during our communications he quickly remedied the error. The installer Doug was very knowledgeable and took the time to review the pieces of equipment and recommended maintenance required. I love how much more room we have on our back slab now- compared to our older system- the Kinetico equipment is very compact. Another added bonus is that there is no electricity needed to power the system. Overall we have been very happy with our decision to purchase a Kinetico system (3mos now). We no longer have a scaling mineral deposit build up and love how it makes our skin/hair feel very clean. I especially love that it is more of a closed/sanitary system ( using peroxide) as compared to our old system (aerator & softener). Thanks, Kinectico SWFL!!”

Vanessa S

“I recently moved from PA and purchased a home in Venice. There was a water softener already at the home and I thought with that and a Reverse Osmosis system under the kitchen sink I would be all set with my water. Boy was I wrong! After taking my first shower in the house I realized that there was a huge problem. My water had a lot of sulfur and taking a shower made my entire house stink and it left a residue on my skin! It was horrible! I called Kinetico and they arranged to have someone come out. Chuck came to the house and tested the water. Since I could not afford a whole house RO system he recommended a Sulfur Guard unit. Chuck was very friendly, professional and explained everything to us. A few days later a wonderful gentleman came out (I think his name was David) to install the unit. He was very friendly and did an excellent job. Everything was installed quickly and looks nice and neat and clean out back the house. Taking a shower after having the equipment installed was a dream come true! No more smelly, icky water and no more residue feeling on my skin! I signed up for their maintenance plan so that my unit will always be maintained and kept in top shape. Kinetico is a great company. Everyone that I spoke to over the phone and the gentlemen who came out to the house were friendly and professional. I am so glad to have clean water and I highly recommend them! Thank you!!”

Becky F

“Kinetico ROCKS! We’ve used them in our current house since purchasing in 2004 and have now had them install a new system at a house we just bought. Christine in the office is GREAT and Darrell is the best installer/service tech and the person we know! Water is soft, no longer smells and tastes great! They’ll be our water company forever!”

Anita D

“Used the afterhours number tonight since we came home to no water which won’t work for us! Dave was the tech on call, stayed until almost 9pm, in the dark, to get us fixed! Rare level of customer service. Greatly appreciated! Sean who installed our filtration system in February was awesome too!”

Lara H

“We have had our Kinetico water system for 2 years, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to improve the quality of our drinking water. This one of the best upgrades we have done to our house! No more water bottles taking up precious room in our refrigerator. We have the best quality drinking water right at our fingertips. Instead of fruit juice, our 5 year old gets a cold glass of water. It is her favorite beverage! Thank you, Kinetico, for helping my family maintain a healthy lifestyle!”

Lara F

“We have had our Kinetico water system for 2 years, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to improve the quality of our drinking water. This one of the best upgrades we have done to our house! No more water bottles taking up precious room in our refrigerator. We have the best quality drinking water right at our fingertips. Instead of fruit juice, our 5 year old gets a cold glass of water. It is her favorite beverage! Thank you, Kinetico, for helping my family maintain a healthy lifestyle!”

Lara F

Naples, FL: “Water does make a big difference and the folks at Kinetico Water Systems of SWFL do an excellent job of installing and maintaining water softeners. My water tastes great and my hair is much more manageable now that I have soft water. Give them a call and check out their products.”

Manis Family, Punta Gorda, FL: “Biggest difference seen with our Kinetico system is the skin and the hair! Before my hair was like straw and my skin was dry – it also smelled like I was bathing in a swimming pool. Now my hair and skin are soft, no more odor, and I use a lot less conditioner and cleaners!”

North Port, FL: “My hair dresser has noticed the improvement in my hair and how the color takes now!”

Michelle Hamilton, Naples, FL: “…5 days since Kinetico was installed and WOW sums it up! Water is crystal clear, clothes are so soft and dishes are spotless. When the tech Will showed me my old softener, it made me sick to know I had been using that water. Kinetico gave me clean water, peace of mind, amazing results, great skin and hair but most of all, Greg came by today to follow up! Not many companies do that. I feel like part of the Kinetico family. Put all my experiences from beginning to end and it’s been flawless with superior results. Thank you again to Kinetico and especially Greg, my home has beautiful, clean water and I couldn’t be happier!”

Naples, FL: Another Happy Kinetico customer, after our Service Technician, Luis, fixed his Water Softener.

Bill & Paula Bedo, Myakka City, FL: “Our entire experience with Kinetico has been wonderful. Everyone has been prompt in giving us information, setting up appointments, and then setting up our service. We are beyond pleased with our new water, and would highly recommend Kinetico.”

Fort Myers, FL: “We wanted to express our appreciation of the technician. Throughout the installation period he was very neat, paid attention to details and behaved in a very professional and friendly manner.”

Carolyn Williams, Naples, FL: “Ever since the install of our water softener, we see a difference in everything from our hair and skin, to our clothes and dishes. Our hair and skin is softer, and we don’t have to use moisturizers anymore! Our clothes are cleaner and softer, our dishes and silverware look amazing, and there are definitely more bubbles in the bathtub!”

Betty Porrazzo, Venice, FL (and her cat, Lucy): “I had a wonderful experience with the Sales Representative making decisions about my water system. They went through everything very carefully, explaining the different functions. They even told me what I didn’t need! That is what really impressed me about dealing with Kinetico. Yes, my hair is wonderful, and my cat, Lucy, is addicted to the taste of the water coming from the new faucet, but I am most impressed by the fact that I received exactly what I expected.”

Fort Myers, FL: “The installation placement was done very thoughtfully. Very cautious with plants etc. Thanks for a good job!”
Myra Barnett, Venice, FL: “Just had my Kinetico Water System installed and love the way my hair and skin feels. I have a Kinetico at my home in Indiana where the water is contaminated with iron and rust. I assumed incorrectly that the water would be different here in Florida. It is certainly different, being filled with Chlorine, which caused my hair to turn a very different color. After several visits to the hair dresser to correct my problem, my Kinetico has helped restore my hair to the color I am used to. We noticed that all the water spotting in the tub and shower are gone and we no longer have to buy water at the store for our 3 Yorkies but can fill their water dish right from the tap. We love, love our Kinetico just wish we would have make the purchase 5 beauty shop visits ago.”

Mr. & Mrs. Popoff, Naples, FL: “We love our Kinetico RO system and love the fact that we no longer feel the need to buy bottled water (a huge savings and good for the environment).”

Port Charlotte, FL: “Everyone who drinks our water comments on how good it is.”

Naples, FL: Excellent install done by our Service Technician, Juan G.

Connie Gwin, Cape Coral, FL: “I have lived with well water for 9 years now trying different suggestions and solutions for the bad smell and taste of the water here in SW Florida. I have spent a good deal of money with no true solution or satisfaction until I called Rick Kelley from Kinetico. Rick came to the house and explained how he could resolve my problems in an affordable, simple way that was attractive both financially and visually. No more unsightly tank with residue lining the inside that you just know can’t be good to drink. Rick was pleasant, informative, attentive, caring and actually resolved my problem to my satisfaction. I am extremely happy with the Kinetico system that Rick advised for me and highly recommend it to anyone living in the area. Thank you Rick Kelley and Kinetico.”

Naples, FL: “You guys are the best! Your service is great, your prices are reasonable, everyone is honest and never tries to take advantage of a situation.”

Naples, FL: Another outstanding install done by our Service Technician, Juan G.
Ray & Bambi Rossi, Port Charlotte, FL: “We are in love with our Kinetico system! Wow! From the first time we had it installed, the change in the taste was unbelievable! I, being a huge water drinker, could finally stop buying bottled water, that being a savings in itself. We can’t say enough Good about about our system!”

Bonita Springs, FL: “Your company is one of the truly great companies that provides outstanding customer service.”

Port Charlotte, FL: “What it did for our plumbing and appliances was unbelievable!”

Bonita Springs, FL: “We want to show you the great job Wilson did under difficult circumstances. We wish the area were larger, but it is what it is. Wilson was meticulous and was busy running up and down the stairs for his supplies. We appreciated the job he did and he was pleasant doing his work. We enjoyed having him here. Thank you.”

Charlotte County, FL: “The internet was a tool to find a product that met our needs in our price range, but our in-home presentation is what sold us and knowing we would have continued customer service. In this day and age, when customer service is so lacking, we really appreciate it.”

Fort Myers, FL: “The sales person, Rick, and the installer, Wilson, were very professional and respectful. I love the systems I have (Florida & Minnesota) for the taste of the water and the convenience. My cat loves it, too! It is a pleasure working with your Company.”

David Moulton, SW Florida’s ESPN Radio, Fort Myers, FL: “I am proud and glad to endorse Kinetico. In nearly ten years, I have not received one complaint from anyone about Kinetico. Not one! Not one person who has listened to me talk about the quality of your service and your product has called or emailed me in ten years to say I steered them wrong. As you know, my family has never drank more water than it does right now. Our switch to Kinetico has saved us lots of money on top of providing us with GREAT water. When I travel, I am stunned to find that the 4 and 5 star hotels that I stay in do not have water that compares with what I have at home. Thanks again for your excellent service and product, and most of all for steering me in the direction of Kinetico.”

Scott and Bonnie Gibbs, owners Cocomo’s Grill, Marco Island, FL: “We had our first Kinetico installed at restaurant on Marco and thought it did such a good job on our wash ware, we wanted for our home as well. Greg showed us how the whole house system and under sink RO would make a big difference, since the water on Marco is terrible. We absolutely love it and couldn’t live without it”

Pam & Lois, Ft. Myers, FL: “Very Pleased! Not only does our new system work flawlessly, it takes up much less space than the old stinky one did. It performs as promised and looks good doing it, too! The only thing that outperforms our Kinetico water system is our sales rep, Rick Kelley. He always makes himself available to answer our questions and concerns and always goes above and beyond! Thanks for your superior product and superb customer service.”

Fort Myers, FL: “Your representative was and always has been extremely professional, friendly, non-pressuring and wonderful to deal with.”

Billi-Jo Shelton, Ft. Denaud, FL: “The BEST! No more buying ice, bottled water, salt, new fixtures, etc! I have whole empty cabinet which equals SPACE (prime real estate) under the kitchen sink from the RO Tank! NO stained toilets…cleaner clothes and MY HAIR!!! it is amazing! We use much less detergents, soaps, etc. And our guests cannot get over the water, the clear ice cubes and the showers! They love their hair!”

Sarasota, FL: “This was the best decision. I see a difference in my hair & skin and the towels. Also, the filtered water is good and will save money and not so many bottles to recycle.”

Lehigh Acres, FL: “Your service/installer was wonderful and very professional. The gentleman who services my unit every year represents your organization with the utmost knowledge and is a true professional.”

Naples, FL: “Your service technicians are very pleasant, polite, and helpful.”

Alva, FL: “We are very pleased with our water softener and are recommending your company to family and friends!”

Ft. Myers, FL: “In purchasing a new home in a new area, we looked into several water conditioning companies. Kinetico stood out, and our rep was great! We have been very pleased with our filter/softener.”

Punta Gorda, FL: “Love our new water softener! No electric – also a plus!”

Marco Island, FL: “Very satisfied customer. We are very happy with our equipment and Kinetico Water Systems of SWFL has lived up to what the commercials said. We will be using Kinetico from now on!”

Bill Manley, Sarasota, FL: “An awesome product, sold by wonderful people. I bought one 25 years ago, it still works fine. Christine in Venice is very knowledegable and helpful.”

Punta Gorda, FL: “With thanks for an informative, low-pressure sales approach…”

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